What if "YUKIUSAGI" created MOE Characters for Solar & Wind Power
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Charaters that evolve with project supporters. Characters use is free for non-profit causes.

Organizations using Solar & Wind power can also use the characters free of charge

Illustration : YUKIUSAGI


Hello. My name is Showji Murahama. I am an animation and smartphone application producer. "Guitar Shoujo" and "Tohoku Zunko" are some applications that were recently released. I am now working on creating a new challenge with YUKIUSAGI, the character designer for the hit anime "Moshidora".

The percentage of solar and wind energy used in Japan were only 0.2% and 0.4% respectively in 2010. I personally believe that renewable energy has much greater potential than what it currently accounts for.

To increase awareness and attention toward reuseable energy, we have created "Kirara" and "Fuka" as a moe character for solar and wind energy. Our hope is that the moe personification will help familiarize these energy sources.

This project will evlove through the involvement of supporters. We have initiated the first step by recommending a simple concept of these characters. We hope many participate in this project to complete the story.

"Kirara" and "Fuka" are characters that anyone will be able to use for not for profit activities. Corporations and organizations that have already incorpoated solar and wind energy can also use the characters free of charge.

Please participate in this project ot make "Kirara" and "Fuka" real.

With the support from users, we will add Character Voices and create an Audio Drama. We plan to sell the Drama by recording on CD. Purchasers of the CD, attendess of events, and supporters of over 5,000 SEEDs will be able to download a message to their smartphones and PCs. Updates on this projects will be reported regularly.


The earthquake in Japan was a very tragic event which cannot be described in a space this size.

Looking back at what has happened, I have realized that many of us have very limited knowledge on energy. Having energy is a given, but we know very little about it.

I noticed that there are not many resources available to learn, discuss, and support natural energy. Our goal is, regardless of how small a step this project is, to increase the opportunity for poeple to think about natural energy.


We have decided to use WESYM to maximize the number of people who start thinking about natura reusable energy. Please support this project if you agree with the cause.

To have the maximum impact, the characters can be used on anyone's website, SNS page as long as it is not to make profits. Please feel free to use or further develop the characters.

This project with target funding of 500,000 JPY is to create the script for the audio drama.

With a budget of 1,000,000 JPY, we will decide the Character Voice based on feedback from users. The Character Voice will be announced as a project update on this page. Supporter of this project will be invited to the event and talkshow with voice actors.

Everyone who support this project will be invited (Travel expenses need to be paid by supporter)



Started career as CG Designer. Became a Manga Artist. Now a freelance Illustrator.

Creating illustrations for magazines and light novels. Appearing in Cable TV shows. Recent work include writing a book on Character Design and creating characters for the famous "Moshidora" story.

Currently providing illustrations for major magazine covers and for advertising/promotions for major corporations.

Characters "Mika Sakurakawa" and "Kiyomi Mori" come to life from a poster illustration work done in 2011.


Participated in DAICON FILM while still in college. Dropped out of college and joined GAINAX. Worked on "Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise" and "Aim for the Top! Gunbuster". Became Producer for Production for "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water".

Established "GONZO" in 1992. 

Received award for "Blue Submarine No. 6", the world's very first hybrid anime. Produced "Yukikaze", "LAST EXILE",  and "Samurai 7". Created the word "Hybrid Anime" and changed the way animation is created in Japan.

Left GONZO to establish LMD in 2009.

Produced many iPhone applications inlcuding "Guitar Shojo" and TV animations. Recently involved in "Tohoku Zunko" Project.


◆ 100 SEEDs

    Original rare image of "Kirara" and "Fuka" with thank you message,

    downloadable to smartphone and PC.

◆ 1500 SEEDs

    Your name listed in the credits as a supporter (Only supporters that

    request listing. Pen Name accpeted) . Planning to create opportunity

    to participate in the audio drama as an extra.

◆ 5000 SEEDs

    In addition to the above, thank you voice message from the Charcter

    Voice. (Will be downloadable from private link)

◆ 10000 SEEDs

    Signed original character sketch by YUKIUSAGI.

    Limited to 20 Supporters.

◆ 50000 SEEDs

    An autograph by YUKIUSAGI and thank you message from voice actors.

Scored SEED:527,200 SEEDs

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